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DEN Workshop Series

Learn strategies. Share ideas. Connect with educators.

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Learn how connecting with community through DEN Workshop has helped educators find resources for teaching and learning and explore strategies for integrating digital media to engage students. DEN Workshop participants become leaders within their schools and districts through sharing what they’ve learned with their colleagues.

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Explore creative ways to engage students in remote, hybrid, and in-class learning by participating in the DEN Workshop Series. Connect with a Discovery Education leader and other participants through three live, online professional learning sessions as you learn how to maximize the DE learning platform to support all learners.

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Spring 2023 DEN Workshop

This professional learning series includes three online sessions.

Session 1:
Your Daily Learning Platform

Go hands-on in an introduction to Discovery Education’s learning platform. From diverse digital resources to powerful tools that support any learning environment, there is much to explore. In addition to learning how to search for and save relevant and engaging content, participants will also design a lesson activity (interactive video quiz or dynamic slide show) for an upcoming lesson.

This session features:

  • Search and filtering options
  • Integration with SSO and Learning Management Systems
  • Educator-Contributed Instructional Strategies
  • Interactive Video Quiz

Session 2:
Promote Active Learning

Dive deeper into Discovery Education with Quiz, an assessment tool that provides creative ways to get students thinking and offers real-time progress data. Participants will use Quiz with DE’s rich content to support students’ needs and guide daily instruction. They will also take advantage of time-saving resources for educators and explore virtual opportunities that connect students to the real world.

This session features:

  • Live and self-paced Quiz options
  • Timely Results Dashboard
  • Ready-to-use lesson activities
  • Virtual Field Trips

Session 3:
Create and Collaborate

Take teaching and learning to the next level with Studio, an innovative presentation tool that encourages creativity, collaboration, and active engagement. Participants will use Studio to design a learning activity that supports all learners and amplifies student voice. They will also explore DE’s Educator Supports and leave excited to connect with other members of the global DEN Community.

This session features:

  • Studio Slideshows and Boards
  • Studio Activity Templates
  • Professional learning resources
  • DEN Star Educator Program

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